Meet Amy

Amy leads a rich and colourful life, one that is both artistic and spiritual.

While studying and working as an actress in her 20’s, and exploring the path of yoga, Amy began painting and selling her work.  As Amy evolved as an artist she painted more, acted less, and continued to study, practise and teach yoga. 

Her art work has appeared in various London exhibitions, is found in homes and public spaces internationally, and is featured in a curated collection on the Saatchi Art website.  

Being a self-taught artist and free spirit, Amy's work is raw, unique and guided by something deeper than what’s ‘hot’ or ‘not’ in the media and market place.

As a dedicated Yogi Amy is continually committed to the art of 'waking up'. She embraces and integrates all aspects of life, and her abstract expressions seek to share this alchemy between her inner experiences and the outer world.  

Amy's vibrant energy and shining soul, radiates through her paintings with colour, vitality, depth and beauty.